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What do we do?

Our marketing, sales and rental service, explained in detail:

– Preparation, processing and collection of documentation:

  • Habitability Certificate.
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate.
  • Flat survey.
  • Permits, licenses, town planning, City Hall.
  • Property registration.
  • Bulletins of supply facilities.
  • Reforms, rehabilitations, tuning.


– Marketing:

  • Professional photo report, to show the feeling of the property with objectivity and transparency. We do not fake photos. We do not want to waste your time.
  • Detailed description of the property, telling the most important aspects efficiently without falling into irrelevant automatisms that bore the user.
  • Publishing of the property in the best real estate portals.
  • Daily monitoring of the publication and demand status.
  • Coordination of visits to the property, respecting visit times.
  • Solvency study. Help in obtaining financing.


– Closure of the operation:

  • Drafting of documents and contracts.
  • Deposit of sureties.
  • Payment control.
  • Notary procedures, property registration, banks, etc.
  • Changes of ownership in supplies.
  • Signature, delivery of keys, perfection of the operation.