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Property Manager

We are an efficient, close and very responsible property management company.

With our professionals, you will have personalized attention, transparency, advice to improve the management of your neighborhood community, and access to the most innovative tools for better communication and ease of management.

Property administrators of community of homeowners

At Peraire, the homeowners are our priority. Only by doing so can a community of neighbors be managed efficiently. In our day to day management of a Community, we offer:

  • Control of expenses and preparation of the annual budgets of the Community
  • Management of the collection of receipts to the homeowners
  • We call Ordinary Shareholders’ Meetings and, if necessary, also Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings.
  • Legal and labor advice regarding matters related to the properties included in the Community
  • Administrative control of maintenance work
  • Payments to service providers
  • Claims follow-up
  • Delinquency claims

Rental administrador

If you have a home and want to rent it with Peraire, we will be happy to help you with comprehensive rental management. We take care of everything, so you don’t have to spend your time worrying about anything.

  • Solvency study of the candidates.
  • Follow-up of payments, update of rents.
  • Drafting of contracts, documents, annexes, and inventories
  • Security deposit
  • VAT payment.
  • Change of ownership of supplies.
  • Processing of Certificate of Habitability and CEE
  • Rescission, return of keys, and liquidation of deposits
  • Incident tracking.

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Call us at 930 157 153 and we will assist you, or write us here and we will call you.