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Real estate consultancy and procedures

At Peraire, you will not only have a real estate advisor, but a multidisciplinary team specialized in each field:

  • Financial advice and mortgages

From the appraisal to the notary, there are specific steps to follow that are vital. We accompany you at all times and offer you financial and mortgage adviceto get the best conditions.

  • Legal advice

Laws change very fast these days. Nowadays, the laws change very fast. We are constantly evolving and renewing to offer you complete legal advice In the real estate sector, many regulations and legal contexts are combined that must be complied with to avoid sanctions and added problems. We give you peace of mind. We protect you.

  • Technical advice

At Peraire, we offer you several technical services for processing certificates of occupancy, changes of use, reform projects, activity licenses, consultations with urban planning, etc. We add value and take care of everything.

  • Insurance

We offer you the best and cheapest non-payment and home insurance, helping you prepare budgets and policies and make decisions so that you only pay for what interests you.

  • Processing of inheritances

If you have to process an inheritance, it is essential to master all areas since various fields are combined here: legal, tax, and the real estate market. Therefore, we will give you all the answers and accompany you in the process.

  • Retail CP Inmo

We also work in the tertiary market and retail, both for rent and sale, due to our close collaboration with CP Inmo, specialists in this sector. So our real estate services cover it all.

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