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Real estate marketing

At Peraire we offer the service of buying and selling and leasing with attention to detail.

We focus on the importance of taking care of each step of the process so that it is satisfactory for everyone.

When it comes to selling or renting your home, this is our action plan in three steps:


Preparation, processing, and collection of necessary documentation:

  • Certificate of Habitability
  • Certificate of Energy Efficiency (CEE)
  • Survey of bounded plane
  • Permits, licenses, urban planning, town hall
  • Land Registry
  • Supply facility bulletins
  • Renovations, rehabilitations, tuning


Real Estate Marketing:

  • Professional photographic report to objectively and transparently convey the look & feel of the property and enhance its strengths. We do not fake photos. We don’t waste time.
  • Expertise and detailed description of your home to effectively transfer the most critical aspects without falling into ambiguities and misinformation that despise those looking for their next home.
  • Publication of the property in more than 60 national and international real estate portals.
  • We maximize the visualization and positioning of your apartment with the best communication technologies.
  • Coordination of visits to the property, we adapt to you and do all the work.
  • Help in obtaining financing to ensure success.


Closing of the operation:

  • Drafting of documents and contracts
  • Security deposit (lease)
  • Notary procedures, property registration, banking entities, etc.
  • Changes in ownership of supplies
  • Signature, delivery of keys, the perfection of the operation.

The commercialization of real estaterequires extensive knowledge, experience, and professional rigor. As a result, we prevent problems before they appear.

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