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Real estate valuations

How much is my flat worth? It is the most crucial question when putting your house up for sale. But…

Do you trust a form in which you put some data and give you a figure? We don’t. The valuation of your home cannot be calculated with a simple formula.

We have not seen two identical flats in our more than 15 years of experience. Barcelona is a city of contrasts. Each street has its own personality within the same neighborhood —even every building. And, of course, your house.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the city of Barcelona, we will help you develop the ideal market price for your property. The real estate valuation is the most crucial step to achieving a good sales strategy. Therefore, it is not just about selling your flat quickly, but about getting the best price for your property.

We’ll visit your house, tell us when it’s the best time for you. Then, we will prepare a free professional market valuation and offer you our legal and tax advice.

Everything goes together. Everything is important.

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